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    Wedding Style Guide

Choosing Your Wedding Dress: Neckline

When choosing the right style of neckline for your wedding dress it is important that you are realistic about your body shape - especially take a long hard look at your shoulders and your neck. The size of your bust also is important - the right neckline should enhance your natural assets! The neckline of your wedding dress will also, in part at least, determine what jewellery you wear, and we have added some comments about the shape of necklaces that probably work best with each neckline. So either choose the necklace after you have decided on a wedding dress or, if there is a special necklace you want to wear, bring it with you when you are buying your dress.
  V- Neck
 This V-shaped wedding gown neckline flatters many body types. The depth of the "V" depending on the design of the wedding gown.
Use if: chest size is "B" or "C", great for full figured or hour glass shaped silhouettes Avoid if: chest size if "A" or over a "C"
  Queen Anne Neck
 The Queen Anne features a high collar at the back and sides of the neck, slowly curving down into a low, open heart shaped neckline. This wedding gown neckline is suitable for almost every body type. Use to: elongate the body and neckline and to discreetly display a little cleavage
  Halter Top Neck
 This wedding gown neckline features straps that wrap around the back of the neck, leaving shoulders and arms bare. Use if: you are tall and have broader shoulders Avoid if: you have narrow shoulders or a very large chest
  Scoop Neck
 The scoop features a low, U-shaped neckline, flattering for just about any bride who plans to wear a wedding gown on her wedding day. Great for: almost everyone!
  Off the Shoulder Neckline
 This open neckline sits below the shoulders, accentuating your collarbone and shoulders. A flattering wedding gown neckline for most figures. Use if: you are well endowed and/or have a pear-shaped silhouette Avoid if: you have broad shoulders or fuller arms
  One-shoulder/Asymmetric Neck
 This wedding gown neckline, as the name connotes, features a gown with a single strap or an asymmetric neckline. Ideal for the Toronto bride with a unique taste for a unique wedding gown style. Use to: emphasize beautiful collarbones Avoid if: you have broad shoulders
  Jewel Neck
 This round neckline flows along the base of the neck. Ideal for women who want the wedding gown to enhance the chest area. Use to: modestly enhance your chest area, Avoid if: you are already well endowed
  Square Neck
 This wedding gown neckline is shaped like a half square. Ideal for women who are well endowed as it cuts low without being too revealing, but is suitable and flattering for almost every body type.
Use for: modest display of cleavage
  Bateau Neck
 This wide wedding gown neckline flows with the curve of the collarbone. A relatively straight neckline, with the same depth in the front and back, opens from one inch of each shoulder. Use to: enhance chest area Avoid if: you are already well endowed
  Strapless,Straight Neck, Sleeveless
 Being strapless, this wedding gown neckline features a bodice without straps or sleeves.
Use to: enhance beautiful shoulders and collarbones or a well endowed chest Avoid if: you are smaller chested.
  Sweetheart Neck
 This wedding gown neckline, forming a heart shape at the bustline, is flattering on most brides! May or may not be strapless. Use if: you are well endowed, accentuating your cleavage